Powerful solutions for indelible impressions.

From strategic planning, project development and direction, to agile supervision, execution and distribution.

Frank & Gladys Wright House - Phoenix, AZ

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Carnaval Pictures founder James P. O'Malley has supervised, directed, and supported hundreds of communication and entertainment projects for a wide range of individuals, creators, artists, businesses, ad agencies and producers throughout the US, Brazil and Holland. He loves the fast pace of live-action production and the constant problem solving and decision making required to solve real-world situations in real-time, and to produce great work with a great big team, or as a micro crew storyteller.


2D and 3D animation, character development, motion graphics and design.

Johnson Controls - Milwaukee, WI

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Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI

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Whether your target is internal, external B2B, B2C or a special installation, we can develop, produce and implement custom solutions that engage your audience and accentuate your brand voice and vision, for unforgettable impressions.



Digital capture and streaming of performances, shows and events for you, your fans and to monetize and re-purpose keystone, evergreen content to your paid channels and social media platforms.

Paradise Weekend "Main Stage Day 1" - Costa Sauipe, BR

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We offer a wide range of "Done With You" solutions.

Live Action & Animated Media Production & Post

Live & Remote Performance Coaching & Training

International Production Supervision & Sourcing

Brand & Content Strategy, Development, Marketing, SEO

WordPress Membership & Community Development

AWS Secure Media Storage & Cloudfront Streaming