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Studies show that companies with formal executive, employee and team training programs are 24% more profitable.

And that 40% of employee resignations are because of no company training programs.

We train and coach speakers, companies, business owners, teams and individuals to improve and implement exceptional employee and customer communications, to increase long-term satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.



We produced, directed and supported 1,000+ projects over 35+ years.

Our clients come from small to large businesses, including advertising, entertainment, and medical and legal professions.

We work together with you, to express your unique personal and business missions, visions and goals as communications that fulfill your dreams.



Did you build your business so you could have more freedom, but what you built was a never-ending job?

Do you have to be there every day or the big things don't get done right?

Are you struggling to scale and serve more customers? Or, someday sell for a big profit and exit in style?

But, you now realize the business wasn't built to grow in size and value without you...

We can help.



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"James O’Malley and his team are exceptional! James is smart, savvy, kind, lighthearted, and personable. Additionally, each project or question I ask him demonstrates his decades of accomplishments. His astonishing experience and mastery are evident. To say, “James surprises me each time we have a conversation,” is accurate and a massive understatement! We have been working together since 2017. If you are looking for a highly tenured and talented expert to assist you, James is the man to deliver the results you seek."
"I don't know if I can describe Jamie's work because it is so genius that there is no description! He not only develops your perfect English pronunciation, but he also transforms the structure of your lesson or presentation in an extremely intelligent way! I believe that his professional experience, in filmmaking, brings countless tools that allow you not only to speak well, and in the correct way, but also to act well, within what you set out to do, whatever your area, due to the notion he has of synchronization of your speech, with your delivery and the topic, and this is very enriching!  A phenomenal job!"
"Jamie is a master trainer with a heart that shines as big as his smile. He truly knows the art of showing up fully engaged and how to bring out the best in others.  He “gets” the techy things that can inhibit some of us – and clearly explains how to look, feel, and present with confidence. His guidance has helped me immensely. Thank you Jamie! "
"As a former university professor, I thought I could make a presentation flawlessly. Then James became my trainer and transformed my delivery. He taught me how to engage my online audience by using more emotion, vary my speed, and use my hands to emphasize key points. But that wasn’t all. His advice on technical features took me by surprise and totally transformed my presentation. He gave me excellent advice on which camera and microphone to use that will allow me to produce the best results. I highly recommend that you work with James to truly create dynamic presentations."
Nancy Clensy Manager of Implementation and Operations, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
“Well, what can I say!  Each time I work with you and your crew I’m just blown away by your professionalism, sincerity and personal interest in the IU project.  I find the times that I’ve worked with the Carnaval film crew to be some of the most enjoyable and memorable I’ve had.  I marvel at the work ethic, stamina, good nature and humor your team is able to maintain while working long and strenuous hours.  Again, you have a dynamite group of people.  I hope we have the good fortune to work with you again!”
Patricia Cutler Dir. of Marketing, Memorial Medical Center, MI
“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Wow!  The TV spots are FABULOUS!  We were blown away by how great they are!  I knew how good they would be when we were filming, but to see the final product really showed how great they are.  Thank you all for what you’ve done for us…I’m excited and impressed and happy…very happy!”
Dennis Gillespie Creative Director, Noble BBDS, Chicago, IL
"Our clients offer premium products and appreciate attention to detail.  Jamie is a creative talent who cares about every single aspect of the production.  And he’s terrific at listening to client and agency concerns.  This is worry-free production every time."
Jeff McClellan Writer/Partner, Marx McClellan Thrun, Milwaukee, WI
“Don’t expect Jamie to be a yes man.  Working with him is like having another partner in the creative process.  Which is a good thing.  He’s not shy about sharing ideas on how to make a spot better.  You know how productions go.  Never quite as planned.  And Jamie is great at coming up with innovative, creative solutions, on the spot.”
"One of the most enjoyable experiences in my career was working with Jamie on the Children's Hospital TV spot.  We had a lot of fun, it generated a lot of talk throughout the community, and it won a Best Of Show at the National Healthcare Awards.  It doesn't get much better than that."
Kathleen Heston AE, The Midwest Team at Noble BBDS, Milwaukee, WI
“It was great to work with your team on the Midwest Airlines shoot.  The client was extremely pleased and our contact at Boeing said she had never worked with a group that was as professional and respectful as ours.  We look forward to future opportunities!"
“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Carnaval on numerous projects.  They bring a high degree of professionalism and creativity to their work.  Jamie is always thinking of ways to enhance the image and still work within the parameters of the project.  I also like their ability to adjust on the fly…I dig the Brazilian cola.”
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